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UltraFit™ Latex-Free Resistance Bands

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Improve strength and fitness without allergy concerns.

Latex-free, synthetic-rubber bands in three resistance levels. Sold in 50-yard rolls with dispenser; cut to length. Use with or without handles (sold separately). 6"W.

Performance Tips


Effective: Your body's mechanical advantage generally is lower at the start of an exercise and higher at the finish. As tubing is stretched, it offers more resistance. This property helps tubing counteract the variable loading placed on the muscle, meaning you'll get more benefit from each motion.

Versatile: Tubing can be anchored many different ways, so you can safely add resistance to movements that isn't possible otherwise.

Convenient: Lightweight and inexpensive, it can be used and stored anywhere.

How do I use tubing in my program?

Functional Training:
Add resistance to any multi-plane movement.

Strength: In lieu of dumbbells or barbells.

Endurance: Add resistance or incorporate movements into cardio activities.

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