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Detonate™ Power Pull™ Trainer

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Unleash the power of one-on-one competition to develop core strength, power, foot speed, and drive.

Athletes are connected back-to-back and attempt to pull the other while keeping parallel to the ground. Explosive position allows hip flexors to fire at maximum velocity, developing driving power, foot speed, and core strength. An excellent functional training tool. Also provides an anaerobic workout. Includes two heavy-duty, padded harnesses, a nylon strap with heavily reinforced stitching and durable, easy-attach steel clips, and storage bag.


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Overall Rating
I use this product for my basketball team and it is a great way to strengthen their bodies while having fun pulling each other across the floor. Great product!
Anonymous - Coach
arlington , TN
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Performance Tips


With the right technique and tools, anyone can improve their speed. Speed training uses resistance and assistance to teach the athlete's brain to recruit muscles faster and control them better. It develops foot speed, stride length, and strength.

Assisted Training:

Also called overspeed training. Includes propulsion by latex tubing or a nylon leash. Neuromuscular advantages are experienced immediately (increased stride rate and length) and learned for use in situations without assistance.

Resistance Training:

Develops strength, stamina, and stride length. Examples include fixed-resistance devices, such as a pull sled. Many resistance speed-training tools include a function that provides a sudden release ("overload") to develop explosiveness, such as a quick-release belt.

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